Area Trail Information
Leffingwell Landing Trail

Begin at Shamel Park (Windsor Boulevard North) for 1.9 miles north to Leffingwell Landing on Moonstone Beach or on bluff trail adjacent to Moonstone Beach Drive. Views of sea birds, occasional sea otters, and, in season, migrating California Gray Whales. 

Leffingwell Landing Park/San Simeon Beach State Park

Begin at Leffingwell Landing, north parking area, across from Moonstone Gardens and Hamlet Restaurant. Walk north on trail, then down steps to beach, and north to San Simeon Creek. Approximately 1 mile.

San Simeon Beach State Park - Inland

Park on north side of Hwy 1 near San Simeon Creek bridge. The boardwalk is a good start, but an excellent trail begins at its end and continues south across the wetland and up into the pine trees. There is a side trail to an overlook above San Simeon Creek and the Park. The, main trail then cuts north along the shady side of a bluff, crossing a creek or boggy area on another walk, then up a long hill to the upper State Park camping area. From here, one can either cut left along the east side of the campsites and down along the road to the starting point or, to extend the walk, continue through the narrow stile to a larger loop east, north and down to a eucalyptus grove, then back to the starting point. Distance about 3 miles. Moderate. 

Strawberry Canyon (lodge Hill)

Two acquisitions by Greenspace, the Cambria Land Trust, permit hiking in Strawberry Canyon. 

Fiscalini Ranch Preserve (Park Hill/Marine Terrace)

This 436-acre property has several outstanding trails. Most are easy, but some are slightly more difficult, and one can encounter poison oak.The Bluff Trail is along the coastal bluff from Windsor Blvd. North and South. The other trails are illustrated on the map with small circles indicating pedestrian stiles at Huntington Road, Trenton Drive,Victoria Way, and Wallbridge Drive. 

Berry Trail (East Lodge Hill)

At the end of Pine Court (off Rogers Way) there is a steep, unimproved trail connecting with Rodeo Grounds Rd. 100 yards west of the Burton Dr. bridge over Santa Rosa Creek. Distance: 150 yards. Moderate. Popular with mountain bikers.  

Burton Drive (East Lodge Hill)

From the intersection of Burton Dr. and Eton Rd. (Cambria Nursery) there is a trail on the outside of the guard rail down Burton to the bridge over Santa Rosa Creek. Distance: approximately 1/2 mile each way. Easy.  

Santa Rosa Creek (Park Hill)

From the water treatment plant by the Windsor bridge, there is a wide trail along and above the west side of Santa Rosa Creek. Wet in winter with two steep portions. Trail goes up the hill to Huntington Road (between 678 and 682). Distance: approximately 3/4 miles each way. Moderately difficult portions.

Fern Canyon (Lodge Hill)

At the end of Camborne PI. (off Ardath, near Burton) there is a trail which passes through Fern Canyon, crosses Fern Drive, and deadends in chaparral near Hwy 1. Distance: approximately 3/4 miles each way. Easy.  



Area Park Information

Shamel Park

On Windsor Boulevard North, Park Hill, in Cambria is a 6-acre County Park with a playing field, swimming pool (open in season), barbeques, picnic tables and a children's play area.  

Lampton Cliffs Park

A 2.1-acre park with trails and two benches overlooking the sea at Sherwood and Lampton on the Marine Terrace, Lodge Hill, in Cambria. 

Moonstone Beach State Parklands

30 acres, including Leffingwell Landing, Moonstone Beach Drive, and Santa Rosa Creek access (from Shamel Park, see above). Northern Cambria. 

Nottingham Bluffs

A 3-acre State Park with one bench on Nottingham between Dorset and Worcester, off Windsor Boulevard North on Park Hill, Cambria.  

Beach Access

Easy access is available at Lampton, Harvey (sandy) and Wedgewood Streets (off Sherwood Drive, on the Marine Terrace of Lodge Hill).There is a rough access to Otter Cove at the south end of the former Fiscalini Ranch, at the north end of Windsor Boulevard South.