HOUSE At Cruise Control Cambria

The Cruise Control Gallery is pleased to invite you to an evening with Jeff Lancaster for his solo exhibition called “HOUSE”

Open house is July 23 from 3pm to 6pm. The art will be on display until early September.

“We had just entered the Pandemic, early 2020, isolation was starting to take hold, and I was filled with a sense of purpose to chronicle much of what I was feeling about the world. The political climate, the environment, the American dream… the whole catastrophe. How to convey this came to me in a painting I had done of a house isolated in the trees, and another of a woman in a bath… isolated, solitary and alone, a beacon of humanity, but the solace and silence of it all. The use of a metaphor became my vehicle. For me, a means of communicating without browbeating, allowing the viewer, with a hint in the paintings title, and occasional humor added in, to journey on their own story and conclusion. Many people arrive at their own meanings, which are vastly different from what I personally intended. Perfect!”