Chiropractic, physical therapy, and functional fitness training.

4070 West Street, Cambria, CA 93428 
phone - 927-1055 :

I love to be active and believe this is what makes life worth living. My goal is to inspire and energize others. The studio is built around that concept. It's a small gym offering an intimate experience. I find this business gives me the opportunity to be on the front lines of changing peoplesí lives. And I believe that the best gym is the one you want to keep going back to. Whether you're a Cambrian or a visitor we offer ongoing events, activities, and classes you can read about here on the site. Check out the calendar for sessions and times that fit with your schedule. You can always contact me for any questions you have about how Fitness for Life can meet your fitness needs.

4210 Bridge St. # 4, Cambria, Ca 93428 
phone - (805) 909-0240 :